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Leitchfield Office                                   Elizabethtown Office
103 South Clinton St                             522 North Mulberry St.
Leitchfield, Ky. 42754                            Elizabethtown, Ky. 42701
Phone - 270-259-6674                            Phone - 270-766-1112
E-mail - ce_survey@windstream.net       E-mail - darren3383@comcast.net

Your source for all your land surveying needs in Central Kentucky.!!

We're so glad you found our website. If you have, you're probably looking for something specific in your search for a Land Surveyor or for someone in your area. Clemons & Associates have served a wide range of clients all over South Central Kentucky for 34 years and counting! We have extensive experience in the following counties: Grayson, Hardin, Breckinridge, Meade, Hart, Edmonson, Larue and Bullitt.

We, at Clemons Surveying, offer and provide just about anything you should need in your search of a surveyor. Here are a few types of services we provide that you may be looking for:
1. Boundary surveys (including estate settlements and auctions).
2. Planning & zoning plats. We have and do work regularly with all local and regional    P & Z offices including: Hardin County, City of Elizabethtown, City of Radcliff, City of Vine Grove, City of Leitchfield, Meade County, Hart County, Edmonson County, Larue County and Bullitt County. We get all plats approved through each individual office, acquire all necessary utility and associated signatures and will attend any neccessary planning and zoning meetings. All you have to do is sign the plats when finished and get them recorded, we do the rest!
3. Residential lot surveys that will include house, driveway and exterior building locations
4. Lake lot surveys and "yellow line" location; we have extensive records and experience on both Rough River Lake and Nolin Lake.
5. Elevation Certificates - Bank requiring you to get flood insurance? We can help!
6. ALTA surveys/Site plans
7. Construction staking

How we do it!

Clemons Surveying has always been a company who pride themselves in staying up with the cutting edge of technology. We currently use survey grade Topcon GA GPS receivers that perform the bulk of our surveying work. With jobs where GPS is not applicable, we use Topcon GTS total stations. Our office software is Carlson Survey with embedded Auto CAD. We can provide a multitude of finished products based on the clients requests and the scope of the job. By utilizing our GPS equipment to it's fullest capabilities, we can provide you with Lat./Long. coordinates and Kentucky South or Single zone coordinates for any point on your project! We can also provide full color maps with full color aerial photography overlays that will give you a view of your project/farm like you've never seen it before! We will also convert and   e-mail any project to PDF format so you can view it handily on your computer without having to deal with the large print final maps.

So, if you're in need of a survey, give us a call. Our numbers are - Leitchfield office 270-259-6674 or Elizabethtown office - 270-766-1112 or e-mail us at either ce_survey@windstream.net or darren3383@comcast.net. We would be happy to talk with you about your project and see if we're the right choice for you! We will give a free price quote on any job after gathering some information such as: full street address; acreage involved in survey; cleared or wooded property; date that property was purchased and reason for survey. The more info we gather, the better price quote we can give you.

Make sure and check out our other pages by clicking on the tabs on the top of this page to find out more about our team members. Click on the "Jobs" tab to view some samples of our work including a couple with our color aerial overlays!